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Edmonton Underground Gas Lines

Need a gas line ran to your garage or backyard firepit?


We can come out dig a trench and run any length or size of gas line you require. 

All our gas lines are professionally installed and pressure tested as per gas code. Have a piece of mind knowing your underground gas line will be safe and leak free.

If your looking to save a bit of money your can dig the trench yourself. Just remember to have your yard surveyed by calling AlbertaOneCall - Click Before You Dig. You don't want to damage any underground utilities. Its free of charge.

If you choose to dig your own trench, by code any underground gas line needs to be buried 15" and 24" under a driveway. We will go 18" as that is what most trenchers will do.

If your not sure we can come out and give you a free onsite estimate.

What Our Underground Gas Lines Include

  • Tie in to existing gas service with proper swing joint

  • Shutoff valves

  • Dielectric Union

  • Tracer wire 

  • PE Underground Gas line

  • Steel Risers to transition from PE to steel pipe

  • Pressure Test 

  • Gas Permit for install

  • Low profile trench 

  • Installation by a licensed Gasfitter

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